Injured Pet? Here’s The Guide For You!

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Nobody ever wants that their lovely pet gets injured by any means. Yes, it is very true as we all love our pets. There can be times when this might happen and you would have to react very fast to protect it.

This can only be done if you have the correct knowledge for it. An immature attempt would not save, but lead to more damage, increasing the pet’s pain even more.

We will guide you to take care of your pet in an emergency situation. Although serious injuries should be treated immediately, there are some tips to take care of your pet yourself first.

Things to do when pet is injured:-

  1. Understand – It is very important that you first evaluate and understand the condition. If it is a serious issue like excessive bleeding, pale gums, unconsciousness, breathing problems, take it to the vet right away. Even with the minor issues, if you have no knowledge, seek medical help immediately.
  2. First Aid – You cannot be thinking on the spot but acting! You have to prepare for such disasters beforehand. Think carefully and make a first aid kit for such situations and plan the things to do. If you have the first aid knowledge, you can use it for minor issues and free your pet from any pain he/she might be going through.
  3. Taking To the Vet – It is important that you should not waste the time and take your pet to your local vet immediately. You should take extra precautions as an injured pet can be unpredictable and even bite you. You can also use a temporary stretcher or sleeping bags for transporting it to the animal hospital.
  4. Give a Call – It is always important to give a call to the hospital or vet before leaving. This will ensure you of the appointment and also let them prepare faster for the treatment. Such kind of coordination is very much required in emergency situations.

Some first aid tips for the following injuries:-

  1. Bites: First of all, find the wound and then cut the fur as it will help to diagnose well. Clean it with warm water with little antiseptic in it. Cover it with a clean cloth and take to the vet immediately.
  2. Bleeding: It is very important that you first locate the bleeding and then try to stop it. Cover with a clean cloth and bandage before taking it to the vet.
  3. Broken Leg: If the limb of your pet is at a different angle, chances are that the leg is broken. Try to put the leg into a more comfortable position and give support using a piece of wood of the same shape as the limb before going to the animal hospital.
  4. Heat Stroke: It is never advised to leave the pet in the car on hot afternoons. This can lead to a heat stroke and affect its health. Take it to a cool place immediately and cover it with soaked towel or sponges immersed in cold water.

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