Can Basic Training Help Keep My Pet Healthy & Happy?

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Yes! It can definitely!

Some pet owners don’t realize the importance of basic training. When you teach your dog to sit, stand or behave properly, you are actually teaching him how to stay safe and healthy for years to come. You want your pet to be a good, social being who obeys you always. Consistent training can help you achieve this goal. Today, out vets in Burlington will discuss how effective and consistent training can be a bliss for your adorable pet.


  • This basic command will prevent your pet from running out of your house and getting hurt by cars or other animals.
  • It allows you to have complete control over your pet especially when you are brushing, bathing or teaching them something new.
  • This also promotes calm behavior and helps eliminate major behavior issues in your pets.

Recall (cats too)

  • This can help you establish a strong bond with your pet.
  • It can save your pet from any potential threat or harmful situation. Your pet will rely on you for the next move and you can guide him according to the situation.

Drop it

  • It allows you to retrieve things without punishing your pet.
  • It develops a sense of trust between you and them.
  • This can protect your pet from ingesting any harmful items such as foreign objects, toxins, even people food that can cause severe illnesses.

Walk on loose leash

  • This makes walking more fun as you both can enjoy it. Moreover, it also promotes good physical fitness.
  • There won’t be any harsh pulling so the chances of getting hurt or injuries to the trachea (windpipe) or spine are minimal.
  • This doesn’t mean that you use a retractable leash. You want your pet to learn to walk gently without leash.

This basic training can go a long way in promoting good health. By establishing strong bond with your pet, you prevent various behavioral issues. It makes pet ownership a strong and pleasant experience for everyone.

In case, you are experiencing behavioral issues in your pets, contact Bay View Park Animal Hospital in Burlington. Our vets in Burlington will help determine and prevent the root cause of the problem.

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