Can Dogs Have Asthma?

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You see your dog panting and wheezing a lot these days. In fact, his breathing is not normal, as his chest muscles are expanding and contracting way too much with each breath. You know that you pet pants only when he had a lot of physical activity. So, what can be the issue. According to our vets in Burlington, these signs indicate that your furry friend is in serious trouble and you need to take him to animal hospital Burlington right away.

Common Causes

Just like humans, dogs also suffer from asthma, an allergic reaction to some sort of allergen in his environment. When the dog reacts to the allergen, it leads to accumulation of a lot of mucus that blocks the airways and makes it tougher to breathe. You pet can get an asthma attack from an inhaled allergen like tobacco, wood stove, or fireplace smoke. Even your regular air fresheners, household cleaners, perfumes, pollen or mold spores, and pesticides can also create a serious problem for your companion. Smaller dogs are at a higher risk than adult dogs.

Scary Symptoms

If your dog has asthma, he’ll pant excessively and for a longer time than he normally does. He might need to struggle to catch his breath and often cough and wheeze. He might also lose his appetite and might even become lethargic. If your find your dog’s gums turn pale or even a bluish color, take him to your local veterinarian as soon as possible as it can be life-threatening situation.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Vets in Burlington will be able to check your dog carefully and suspect an asthma problem. However to confirm the condition, an X-ray will be taken by the vet. There are various medications available that can prevent or curtain the problem to some extent.

Banishing the Triggers

Now, that you know your dog is suffering from asthma. You need to ensure that he doesn’t get any another asthma attack. There are various asthma triggers that must be removed such as cigarette, wood stove, and fireplace smoke. Clean your hardwood with white vinegar and avoid using floor cleaners. Install an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove airborne allergens.

If you are concerned about the health of your dog, you can contact our veterinarians at Bayview Park Animal Hospital in Burlington. We will help improve your pet’s quality of life. Our vets in Burlington are committed to providing effective pet health care services.

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