Do You Really Know About Dog’s Food Habits?

By July 21, 2015 February 11th, 2019 Uncategorized

Dogs, our best friends and companions, rely on us to get the best care we can afford. Many a times your dog may be eager to eat ‘people food’ from your table after meal. However, before sharing your food with your dog, you must know about their food habits. It is safe to share certain foods with your dog but some common foods and drinks may be harmful for your dogs. Here are some points which you need to be aware of for healthy feeding of your dog.

  • Unlike us, our canine companions don’t need variety in their food. So once you find a food that works well for your dog, you should stick with it.
  • You should keep bones away from your dogs as he can choke while eating bones. The bones can also break into sharp pieces that may cause internal bleeding or infections.
  • Chocolate contains caffeine, which is harmful for dogs. So, dogs should not be allowed to eat chocolates.
  • Your dog may develop a food allergy from proteins in beef, egg, chicken and wheat they have been eating for a while.
  • You should feed your dog at the same time every day. You should allow them 15-20 minutes to eat it and then remove the bowl till it’s time for the next feeding.

To know more about dog’s food, you can always consult your veterinarian or the best animal hospitals of your region. For instance, if you live in Burlington, you can find some reputed animal clinics in Burlington committed to provide your pet with the most compassionate care. The veterinarians are the best persons who can guide you in the right direction to sustaining your pet’s good health.

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